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Type Train car
Creators House Tekiel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Breaknaught is an armored train car on Scadrial.

It was built by House Tekiel as a desperate response to the Vanishers previous raids which has affected their stock prices.[1] It was advertised as being completely impenetrable to regain the faiths of the investors. Not only the safe is welded onto the car, but there was a timed locking mechanism on it that wouldn't open for twelve hours after being closed.

Prior to its maiden excursion, the carriage is on public display. Wayne staged a distraction to allow Wax to board, while preventing the eight guards who were supposed to board from getting on. Wax then put up bomb on the door and net trap in the car for capturing Miles. The Vanishers swapped the entire cargo compartment with a replica provided by the Set, with Wax still inside. This goes exactly as Wax's plan, because they then take it and him back to their base. Miles has also correctly guessed the presence of Wax inside the car. After the Breaknaught's door is yanked off in Vanisher's workshop, the fight begins.


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