Hinston Ladrian

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Hinston Ladrian
House Ladrian
Parents Edwarn Ladrian
Ancestors Ashweather, Allrianne's mother, Breeze, Allrianne
Born 317 PC[1]
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Hinston Ladrian was an heir to House Ladrian on Scadrial.[2] He was the son of Edwarn Ladrian and cousin to Waxillium and Telsin Ladrian. He was supposed to assume the role as the head of House Ladrian when his father faked his own death, but he caught a disease and died. Edwarn's plans were already in action, so he was forced to name Wax his successor as the new head of the house and hope that Wax would be useful.[3]

Hinston's death was used as an excuse for why Edwarn, his wife, and Telsin were going for a carriage ride in the Outer Estates.[2] It was supposedly going to be a trip to take their minds off of their grief.

He was born when Wax was eighteen. Before this Edwarn had already started training Wax & Telsin to be the heir.[1][expand]


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