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Chapter summaries for each of Brandon Sanderson's books.

Book Completion Book Completion
Elantris complete The Hope of Elantris complete
Emperor's Soul complete Shadows for Silence complete
Warbreaker complete Sixth of the Dusk begun
Arcanum Unbounded essays complete
White Sand
White Sand Volume 1 complete White Sand Volume 2 complete
Mistborn Era 1
Final Empire complete Well of Ascension complete
Hero of Ages complete Secret History complete
Mistborn Era 2
Alloy of Law complete Shadows of Self complete
Bands of Mourning complete The Lost Metal not yet published
Stormlight Archive
Way of Kings complete Words of Radiance complete
Edgedancer complete Oathbringer complete
Alcatraz series
Evil Librarians complete The Scrivener's Bones complete
The Knights of Crystallia complete The Shattered Lens complete
The Dark Talent complete The Worldspire not yet published
Legion The Reckoners
Legion complete Steelheart complete
Legion: Skin Deep complete Firefight complete
Legion: Lies of the Beholder complete Calamity complete
Rithmatist complete Defending Elysium complete
Snapshot complete Firstborn complete
Skyward complete Starsight not yet published