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Profession Head of staff
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Alloy of Law

Limmi is the head of the ground-floor staff for House Ladrian on Scadrial.[1]


Lord Waxillium Ladrian had Limmi draft a response to House Yomen indicating that he and Lady Steris Harms would be attending their wedding reception but to wait to send it until he confirmed that she should. She tried to warn him that it was Wayne waiting in the sitting room and not the Harms family, but he walked in before she could tell him. Soon afterward, when Lord Harms, Steris, and Marasi actually arrived, Limmi was unable to stop them from interrupting Wax and Wayne's conversation about the Vanishers.[1]

Later, while further investigating the Vanishers, Wax had Limmi bring him broadsheets from the Elendel Daily covering recent events and the robberies in particular.[2]

Tillaume, Wax's butler, knocked Limmi out prior to his assassination attempt on Wax. He hid her and Miss Grimes in a closet, presumably to protect them from the potential explosion. After the explosion, Wax carried Limmi and Miss Grimes outside to the back garden, hoping the constables or Krent, his coachman, would find them.[3]


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