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Groups Vanishers
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Alloy of Law

Sindren is a member of the Vanishers in Elendel.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Boss is always talking about how things will be better when he’s in charge, and how the city betrayed him, and stuff. But the city betrays everyone. That’s how life is.

—Sindren on Miles Dagouter's ideology.[1]

Sindren is a short young man with big ears and wide eyes.[1] He has an accent of a man from the Inner Seventh Octant, with a touch of millworker to it. He is nervous and a touch jumpy, and has a voice that gets squeaky when he's nervous or under pressure.

Sindren is not a hardened criminal, nor is he particularly competent at it.[1] Sindren was only a member of the Vanishers for a couple weeks, and so is still mostly a normal young man instead of a professional thug. In fact, he is a touch gullible. With nothing more than a disguise and a simple change of accent, Wayne was able to trick him into revealing the Vanisher's home base and the name of the man who recruited them.

Sindren only joined the Vanishers for a bit of money, he does not care much about Miles Dagouter's idealogy, or getting payback from the city.[1] He is resigned to the fact that life is unfair for the poor and lower classes.


Sindren grew up in the Inner Seventh Octant of Elendel with a father that was probably a millworker.[1]

Sindren was recruited by Clamps into the Vanishers to make a little money.[1] He stayed at a foundry in Longard almost all the time, only leaving to go on raids, likely including the robbery at the Coolerim Playhouse.[2] After about two weeks as a member of the gang,[1] he participated in the raid on the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner,[3] and was captured by High Lord Waxillium Ladrian and Wayne. It seems likely that Wayne was the one that defeated Sindren, since his dueling canes are non-lethal. Sindren and five other members of the Vanishers were arrested by Captain Brettin[4] and brought to the Fourth Octant constabulary precinct offices.[1]

Wayne, in the guise of Captain Guffon Trenchant, talked his way past Brettin and into the interview rooms with the Vanishers.[1] After tricking another Vanisher into disclosing that Sindren was most likely to talk, Wayne spoke to Sindren. Throwing up a time bubble around the two of them, Wayne convinced Sindren that he too was a member of the Vanishers. In their conversation, Sindren revealed that he had been recruited by Clamps and that the Vanishers had been working out of the Longard foundry

Wayne, still pretending to be a Vanisher, told Sindren that by evening he should reveal everything he knew to the constables because he did not know anything damaging.[1] Wayne told Sindren to confess after they promised him freedom in exchange for his confession in front of an honest solicitor named Arintol. He also told Sindren that the other Vanishers might not know that he had been instructed to confess, so that he should go to the Roughs as soon as he was free to start a new life at the mills.

The constables found the foundry that same night,[5] so Sindren presumably confessed, although it is unknown if he listened to the rest of Wayne's advice.


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