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Related to Classical Scadrial
Type Religion
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn (series)

Larstaism was a religion from Scadrial.

Larstaism focused on "seeking the divine" through art and creation rather than on answering existential questions or discussing the afterlife. Larsta monks were artists that were supported by the Larsta people. The Larsta left many of the descriptions of Scadrial's pre-ascension plants and animals, such as the Marewill flowers that Sazed uses to model new flora.

Sazed considered Larstaism as the truth longer than other pre-Ascension religions because it has no illogical or contradictory tenets that he can find.[1]

It is discussed in Harmony's Beliefs Reborn. Wax and Steris's wedding ceremony is based on practices of the Larsta faith[2], as is Vin and Elend's.[3]

"Be warned, the Larsta love oath is binding. They knew no form of divorce in their culture."
— Sazed while marrying Vin and Elend


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