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Type Religion
Era Classical Scadrial
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

They thought art drew one closer to God, they were most interested in color and hue, and they were fond of writing poetry describing the colors they saw in the world around them.

Sazed preaching to Clubs[1]

Dadradah was an ancient religion from Scadrial.

The Dadradah followers were found through many countries and peoples. They believed that there was only one God, and that practicing art was the only right way to worship or draw closer to that God, being an artist even was a higher calling than being a priest. Dadradah followers had a fascination for color and hue, and were fond of poetry that described this.[1]

While preparing for the Battle of Luthadel, Sazed proposed the Dadradah religion to Clubs. He thought this suitable because Clubs's woodworking was also a form of art. Sazed then gave him a simple wooden disk with the carved picture of a brush on it, which was a symbol of the Dadradah faith.[1]

When Sazed recreated Scadrial during the Final Ascension he was able to restore the plants, sky and landscape to their original state, using Dadradah poems as a guideline.[2]


  • Dadradah was a motivation for Warbreaker.[3]
  • The Dadradah and Astalsi religions are "branches of a more ancient religion".[4]
  • Dadradah is influenced by Nalthian ideas, but did not originate there.[5]


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