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Titles King
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

King Wednegon was a leader during the Lord Ruler's period of conquest after his Ascension.[1] He ruled at least a place named Darrelnai, though that may have been the name of his kingdom. He was one of the last leaders after the Ascension that was able to resist the Lord Ruler in combat. Tindwyl and the Keepers had a biography of King Wednegon. Wednegon referred to the Lord Ruler as the Conqueror.

Wednegon's soldiers couldn't stand against the Lord Ruler's koloss, and suffered a big loss at FellSpire that they could not recover from. Wednegon did not blame his soldiers, instead blaming their lack of food from the Deepness. Even though the Deepness had been defeated with the Ascension, its touch weakened Darrelnai's food supply. Wednegon's biographer seems to agree that their lack of food did lead to their demise. It is not clear how long Wednegon's forces survived after the Ascension, but if the Deepness affected their food supply so much, it must not have been very long after the Ascension.


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