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Type Religion
Era Classical Scadrial
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

There were a group of people before the Ascension known as the Astalsi. They claimed that each person was born with a certain finite amount of ill luck. And so, when an unfortunate event happened, they thought themselves blessed—thereafter, their lives could only get better.

Sazed preaching to Vin[1]

Astalsi is an ancient religion from Scadrial. They don't survive the Lord Ruler's reign, but Sazed keeps knowledge about them in his metalminds.[2]

The Astalsi followers are rather advanced, and mix religion with science. They develop a detailed scale to express different colors, and think that these different colors are indications of different kinds of fortune.[1]

They believe that each person was born with a certain finite amount of bad luck, and for them a poor life was a sign of fortune yet to come. For this reason Sazed preaches the Astalsi religion to Vin, given that Vin already had been through a lot during her life.[1]


  • Astalsi was a motivation for Warbreaker.[3]
  • The Astalsi and Dadradah religions are "branches of a more ancient religion".[4]


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