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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Pardon, but you did what any good rebsk would do. A rebsk worthy of this crew.

—Captain Drlwan to Rysn[1]

Rebsk is a term for a shipmaster or owner in Thaylenah. The rebsk owns the ship according to its documentation, but it is another matter to earn the respect of the crew itself.[2] The position creates a distance between the rebsk and the crew, who view their rebsk as "more unapproachable than an officer."[3] Traditionally, the rebsk begins any voyage by taking a turn at the helm; however, this privilege is only extended to the rebsk by the captain after the rebsk has proven himself or herself to deserve the esteem of the crew, sometimes an undertaking that requires years of interaction. It is also within the rebsk's rights to give orders to the crew, though this could potentially upset the balance of respect and power if the crew does not yet regard their rebsk very highly.[2] When present on the ship, the captain defers to the rebsk in matters of planning the route and any on-shore expeditions[4] and even asks for an indication that the voyage can officially begin.[2]

Known Rebsk[edit]


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