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Abilities Splinter of Honor
Titles First mate
Species Honorspren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

It really is as you say. A Shardblade that requires no spren—no enslavement. This is something else. How did you do it?

— Borea to Azure on her Blade[1]

Borea is an honorspren who serves as the first mate of the ship Honor's Path.[1]

Borea had some sort of encounter with Nightblood or had heard of his passage through Lasting Integrity.[1] In 1174, Borea was on the Honor's Path when they took Sylphrena and her companions aboard. Azure spoke to Borea and explained to her that her weapon was a Shardblade that required no spren to be made. Azure told Borea that in exchange for the return of her weapon, information on Nightblood, and eventual passage to her destination, she would explain to Borea how her weapon had been crafted. Borea drew Azure's Blade herself and was investigated by her. Borea expressed shock that Azure had a Shardblade that required no enslavement and agreed to the deal.

Like Notum, Borea wears a stiff and no nonsense uniform.[1]


  • Borea's name, like that of a number of other honorspren, is derived from real-world linguistics related to the wind.[2] Specifically, she is named for Boreas, the Ancient Greek god of the North Wind.


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