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Abilities Splinter of Honor
Species Honorspren
Residence Lasting Integrity
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Humans are monsters, with a lust for death that can never be sated. You thrive upon the terrible emotions of the Unmade. You don't fight Odium. You are Odium.

—Sekeir to Adolin[1]

Sekeir is the honorspren who rules Lasting Integrity on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sekeir is an ancient honorspren who appears as an old man with a long blue-white beard.[2]

He is adamant that humans cannot be trusted but is himself willing to be manipulative and to bend the law during the course of Adolin's trial to make this point to the rest of the honorspren, even taking Kalak prisoner when he feared he would rule in Adolin's favor.[3][1] He takes very personally the matter of proving before the rest of the honorspren that Adolin himself can be trusted no more than any other human.[1]


"You're going to try him for the Recreance? Isn’t that a bit extreme?"
"He offered, Holy Lord."

Kelek and Sekeir, about Adolin[2]

Sekeir, as leader of the honorspren fortress and capital Lasting Integrity, greeted Kelek when he arrived at the fortress after the arrival of the ambassadorial group from the coalition of monarchs. As they walked through the fortress, they came by Adolin; Sekeir explained that Adolin was there because he had offered to stand trial for the Recreance. When Adolin asked to have a trial by witness, Sekeir was on the point of advising against it when Kelek cut him off and accepted.[2]

On the first day of the trial, Sekeir planned a long speech at the outset to lay out the point of the trial. He was offended that Kelek told him to keep it short, then argued with Adolin over the exact terms of their agreement. Sekeir managed to convince Kelek that the trial was to prove generally that humans could not be trusted, although Adolin did manage to persuade the Herald to consider his personal character as well. When Kelek finally understood the terms correctly, Sekeir called his first witness: Amuna, keeper of the deadeyes. After Amuna gave witness, Sekeir called up Blended next and then Notum.[3]

The morning of the final judgement, Sekeir, Lusintia, and several other honorspren discovered Shallan in Kelek's house. They accused the two of collusion, and Sekeir ordered that Kelek be sequestered due to a "bout of weakness."[4] At the trial that day, Sekeir took Kelek's place in the judge's seat and ordered the trial to continue. When Adolin asked where the Herald was, Sekeir explained that Kelek sometimes suffered from his multitude of years and experiences as a Herald and admitted that Shallan had tried to influence the man; he was displeased that Adolin thought that was something to smile about. After Sekeir called for silence to begin the trial, he felt he had to show his authority by throwing out a few spren who continued to whisper to each other.[1]

Sekeir then began the day's proceedings by delivering a lengthy speech denouncing Adolin. When Adolin interrupted him at one point, he threatened Adolin with a gag and instructed him that he was only allowed to speak while they questioned the witness. When Sekeir finally finished, he called for them to lead Maya in as the final witness and allowed the crowd to converse as much as they wanted. Sekeir, pleased with himself for his convenient choice of a witness, declared his right to guide the conversation due to Maya's inability to speak for herself and proceeded to question Adolin. He forced Adolin into admitting that humans continued to use Shardblades even after realizing that they were dead spren, but he refused to allow Maya to retreat after Adolin's concession. Instead, Sekeir planned to use Maya to exact personal revenge on Adolin for the divisions among the honorspren that his presence had brought to the surface.[1]

You. Cannot. Have. My. SACRIFICE!

Maya to Sekeir[1]

Sekeir made a spectacle of Maya, commanding everyone to look at her and consider what had been done to her; he asserted that he had to speak for Maya because of humans like Adolin and claimed to know Maya's mind, despite Adolin's protests. He continued to shout over the din of the crowd, Adolin's pleas, and Maya's groans, condemning humans generally and Adolin in particular up until Maya spoke. Shocked but still convinced he was right, Sekeir accused Adolin of doing something to cause Maya to rave. Maya, fed up with him, screamed inarticulately and then transitioned to words, denying him the right to take from her her sacrifice. Sekeir was struck dumb by the revelation of the deadeyes' choice, staring at her silently as the other elders gathered around and the crowd began to leave.[1]

After the trial, Sekeir and the other honorspren leaders were held in disgrace and their isolationist policy was overturned.[5]


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