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Abilities Splinter of Honor
Species Honorspren
Residence Lasting Integrity
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

I hear their voiceless sorrow; I see their sightless pain. I would have Lasting Integrity pulled down, stone by stone, before I agree to send a single honorspren to suffer a similar fate.

—Amuna during Adolin's trial[1]

Amuna is an honorspren from Lasting Integrity in the Rosharan subastral, Shadesmar. She is responsible for caring for the deadeyes in Lasting Integrity.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Amuna is thin, limber, and willowy. She walks gracefully and manifests her clothing as a stiff shirt and a pleated skirt like a warrior would wear.[1][2]

She is very loyal to the group of deadeyes as a whole, but not to each one individually; during Adolin's trial, she clearly prioritizes defeating the threat that she believes is posed by the humans over Mayalaran's comfort. However, she is sincere in caring for the deadeyes that can fit in the fortress and wishes they could care for more.[1]


Amuna was born sometime after the Recreance. At some point she took up residence at Lasting Integrity and was given oversight of the care of the deadeyes. In 1175 when the coalition of monarchs sent an emissary to the honorspren capital, Amuna took Maya from Adolin when they entered the fortress. She was present during some of Adolin's daily visits to Maya and was presumably busy giving Stormlight and other care to other deadeyes in the intervening time.[1]

During Adolin's trial, Amuna personally testified against him on the opening day. She explained the devastating catastrophe that the Recreance had been to the honorspren population and discussed the possible ramifications of the current bonds, especially that of Dalinar and the Stormfather, being broken. She made an emotional plea not to send any more spren to suffer the fate of the deadeyes, her point reinforced by the presence of two of them sitting silently beside her.[1]

This is proof of your lies. Modern Radiants cannot be trusted.

—Amuna with Testament[2]

On the second day of the trial, Adolin attempted to mount a defense but was interrupted by a coordinated attack among the audience; Amuna, obviously privy to the plan, brought Testament into the forum. She used Testament's very existence to prove that humans had not changed since the Recreance and still posed a great danger to the spren that they bonded.[2] When the final witness against Adolin was revealed on the third and last day of the trial, Amuna led Mayalaran down to the podium. As Sekeir's attempts to discredit Adolin and the humans proved too much for Maya to bear, Amuna stepped forward and took one of her arms to keep her in place. After Maya finally was able to express that breaking the Radiant bond had been a mutual decision, Amuna was too stunned to stop Adolin from brushing her aside to reach Maya.[3]


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