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The Coppermind has spoilers for all of Brandon's published works, now including The Sunlit Man. Information about books that have not yet been released, like Stormlight 5, is allowed only on meta-pages for the books themselves. For more details, see our spoiler policy. To view an earlier version of the wiki without spoilers for a book, go to the Time Machine!

This page contains an archive of news posts on the wiki. All new content will be posted on the blog

Words of Radiance Spoilers

Hey all. Words of Radiance is out in two days, and while we're all pretty psyched about that, I just wanted to take a second to remind everyone about out spoiler policy, as it seems a number of people have received their copy early. Until the fourth, there will be absolutely no Words of Radiance spoilers permitted on the wiki beyond what has been revealed in pre-release chapters and readings. I will personally be keeping a close eye on the wiki for any spoilers and terminating them with extreme prejudice. :P On the fourth, spoilers will be allowed on the wiki, but they should all be marked with a spoiler tag, so as to not ruin the book for anyone. Six months or so after the book is out, these tags will be removed. Thanks for your patience and understanding everyone, and happy reading! --Windrunner (talk) 23:16, 2 March 2014 (UTC)

Stormlight 2 Readings

Hey guys, as of late we've gotten some pretty excellent insights into some of the awesome things in store for Stormlight 2 from Brandon's readings. However, not everyone is going to want to know these things in advance. If you add anything we've learned in a Stormlight 2 reading, make sure you put a spoiler tag (as explained below) on the top of the page to protect anyone from unwanted surprises. Thanks, and happy wikiing! --Windrunner (talk) 02:47, 7 December 2012 (UTC)

The Emperor's Soul Release and Spoiler Policy

As you are probably all aware, The Emperor's Soul was officially released yesterday. We've kept the spoilers away since there's been a flood of accidental early releases. However, now that the book is out, spoilers are fair game. However, we don't really want to ruin the book for anyone. So a new spoiler template has been made. Simply put "spoilers" (minus the quotes) in two sets of brackets (Like this - {{}} ) at the top of any page you add TES spoilers too. These will stick around for around three months after the release date. This will be happening for all future releases as well, to protect people who may see something by following links to a page they didn't want to read, or got a spoilery page when they hit the random page button.

I've also created a new template for articles that are short but contain all the information we have on the subject at the minute, so they shouldn't be categorized as stubs. Use the brackets {{}} again but this time use the word "complete" (minus those quotes) No worries if you don't understand because I've explained this poorly, the other staff members that watch the wiki can add them after the fact if you can't get it to work. Happy Wikiing! --Windrunner (talk) 03:03, 3 November 2012 (UTC)


So, it is extremely annoying the amount of spam we have been getting. We'd all really like to get to a point where you can edit the wiki without needing to log in, and especially without needing email verification. Pretty annoying. For whatever reason bots/spammers are really good at breaking RECaptcha.

So, now when you register, you should see a much more delightful spam thing: namely, you have to select cats from dogs. It's pretty freaking adorable and almost makes me want to do CAPTCHAs even more. Barely.

I do believe the cat CAPTCHA works fine, but if you are having trouble logging in or you get an error message, can you email me at [email protected] and let me know? -- Chaos2651 (talk) 19:05, 8 July 2012 (EDT)

Wiki Downtime

Hey guys. I'm sorry about the wiki downtime that we recently had. Basically, it turned out that the wiki was using most of our server resources, so in order to save the site I had to take it down temporarily. We've now done some performance tuning so it should roll faster now, and I hope we don't have to do it again. -- Chaos2651 (talk) 18:51, 8 July 2012 (EDT)

Email Validation Required to Edit

We've been hit with some pretty serious spambot action for a long while that the CAPTCHAs haven't seemed to block. For this reason, we are now requiring you to validate your email address before being able to edit pages. This also goes into effect for all current wiki accounts. If you are trying to edit now, you'll get an error and say that you need to validate your email. You'll be directed to your profile and supply an email. Soon, a validation email will appear, so just click the link in your box and you are good.

Unfortunately, this has the effect of requiring you to register a wiki account so your account can be validated at all. I apologize for the annoyance--I know I liked for guests to edit, with the security of a CAPTCHA, but we need to do email validation to stem the flow of spambots.

If we come up with a method to reduce bots another way that is less annoying, we'll do it. However, we thought our other options were even more annoying. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. We'll keep you updated of any changes. -- Chaos2651 05:47, 23 March 2012 (UTC)


So, embarrassing fact: you've all had to deal with CAPTCHAs. For months. Registered users were not supposed to have to do that. Well, I've fixed the problem, and it's a funny (and stupid) story involving an extra "s" that shouldn't be there.

I am really, really sorry you've had to trudge through that because I am a moron. -- Chaos2651 06:10, 19 August 2011 (UTC)

Book Title Conventions

Let's talk a moment about the titles of books for a moment. For those you who care about content and not categorization (psh, content), this news post is not for you.

Joe has persuaded me that the titling conventions for books have been a little silly. Before, they always had the prefix (book) to them. Now, this works great for Elantris because Elantris can refer to the city or the book itself. It makes less sense for the Way of Kings, however.

So now all titles that are unique, like The Alloy of Law are simply titled The Alloy of Law, rather than The Alloy of Law (book). So Way of Kings, Warbreaker, and all of those are the obvious titles. Any links that go to, say, The Way of Kings (book) should redirect, but hopefully I weeded out anything that linked to the old title.

The Mistborn series is a little more complicated. The first Mistborn novel, for one thing, can be referred to as MB1, Mistborn, The Final Empire, or Mistborn: The Final Empire. It's annoying. In any case, here's the deal on the Mistborn novels. The Well of Ascension and the Hero of Ages articles are simply titled that. There's some confusion, because Brandon liked to refer to those as Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, but those weren't actually the titles written on the book (the hardbacks of those were The Well of Ascension: Book Two of Mistborn, and we're just going to exclude the subheading here). Hence, the Well of Ascension, the Hero of Ages, and the Alloy of Law are all the obvious titles, without the (book) suffix. Note that Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages actually refer to in-world things. For your wiki links, if you want to refer to the books, include the "the."

Mistborn 1 is the most complicated. Amazon is schizophrenic, naming it the nonsensical Mistborn : Final Empire Series (Book #1) (Mistborn, Book 1). Usually, people just refer to it as Mistborn, but for the wiki, that has a lot of meanings. Therefore, I have decided to make Mistborn 1's article be Mistborn: The Final Empire. (I hope that there is never such mass confusion over the title of a book in any other time in Brandon's career.) You can refer to it as The Final Empire and it will redirect to the correct page.

So, hooray, all the unnecessary (book) suffixes are gone. However, for series, we will probably use the convention [[Mistborn (series)]], [[Warbreaker (series)]], etc. when the series doesn't have a spiffy title like The Stormlight Archive. The parentheses are there because that's consistent with wiki formatting.

Clear as mud, right? Feel free to discuss it on the Coppermind forums or a talk page.

-- Chaos2651 21:35, 22 June 2011 (UTC)

A News Post!

What's this? Actual edits to the wiki? I know, I'm surprised too. As you can see, the wiki is now centered on the page. I'm hoping to get this ugly blue out of here soon, too. So at this point, there are small cosmetic changes to the wiki (like the enhanced sidebar).

-- Chaos2651 04:37, 22 June 2011 (UTC)