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Vriztl Guild

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Vriztl Guild
Headquarters Thaylenah
Type Artifabrian guild
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Other methods must exist, as proven by the extremely large gemstone fabrials created by the Vriztl Guild out of Thaylenah.

—A quote from Navani's lecture on fabrial mechanics[1]

The Vriztl Guild is a secretive guild of artifabrians based out of Thaylenah on Roshar.[1][2]


During the singer occupation of Urithiru Ulvlk, a member of the guild, told Navani Kholin that they use sound to transfer Light between gems. This knowledge was passed down via tradition for centuries. Vrandl believed that Ulvlk would be expelled by the guild for revealing this secret to the Alethi.[2]

Notable Members[edit]

Reveals the secret of transferring Light between gemstones to Navani during the singer occupation of Urithiru.[2]
Present during the singer occupation of Urithiru.[2]


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