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Thaylen Sea

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Thaylen Sea
Region Sea of Lost Lights
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Thaylen Sea is a location south of the Sea of Lost Lights in Shadesmar, the subastral of Roshar.[1] In the Physical Realm, the sea corresponds to the island of Thaylenah.[2]

The Thaylen Sea is north of the Nexus of Imagination.[3] It is very close to the Glasswater Deep and Luminous Shallows of the Sea of Lost Lights, although no direct waterways are visible in the available maps.[1] Nazh marked the location of Thaylen City on the edge of the sea;[1] northwest of the city there is a lake which Nazh hates.[1] The lake corresponds to an island in Longbrow's Straits in the Physical Realm.[2]


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