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Thaylen script

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Thaylen script
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Related to Thaylenah
Type Language
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Thaylen script is the system of writing used by Thaylen men and women. Contrary to Vorin tradition, Thaylen men may learn to read and write.[1]


Thaylen script is a type of writing system called an abjad, meaning it has no written vowels, which reflects the Thaylen tendency to smash consonant sounds together in their names and speech. The characters used in Thaylen script strongly resemble the basic form of Vorin glyphs, though use of bilateral symmetry is neglected. There are thirteen known letters in Thaylen script. As with women's script, Thaylen script is merely transliterated English, with vowel sounds ignored. Writing is usually oriented vertically, though the script is sometimes turned on its side and read left to right. Letters may be distorted slightly to make letters fit together, for aesthetics.[2]

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  • The Thaylen script and the Vorin glyphs are derived from the same ancient writing system, most likely the Dawnchant.[3][4]
  • Thaylen script was deciphered from the map of the Southern Frostlands by Harakeke of the 17th Shard.[2]
by Harakeke
Harakeke's original decription key


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