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by Ben McSweeney
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Laits are areas of Roshar that are protected from highstorms by rock outcroppings.[1]


True laits are not susceptible to rapid erosion and last for many years.[2] Although laits vary widely in size, the rock formations at the top must be at a certain angle to provide effective shelter.[3] Crem buildup may actually increase the effectiveness of a lait.[4] Laits have good drainage that prevent flooding from storms.[5] Flora and fauna tend to be abundant in laits, due to the protection that they provide.[6][3][7] Laits all face in the same direction due to the consistent path of highstorms; Kaladin realizes that this strength will become a weakness in the face of the Everstorm.[8]


Many settlements are built in the protection of large laits, including Kharbranth and Bornwater.[6][1] Laits are desirable places to live, and sometimes attract wealthy residents.[9] The town where Heb and his family lived in the Starfalls vision is situated in a lait.[10]

Legend holds that Kharbranth's bells were first erected to alert people to the arrival of a highstorm because the city's lait provides such effective shelter.[6] Szeth remarks that people from eastern Roshar engineer their houses to deflect highstorms out of habit, even within a lait.[1]

Eshonai mentions laits as a natural wonder, indicating that the Parshendi also use the term.[7]


  • The term "lait" is a transliteration, rather than translation, of the Rosharan name for a place where the storms are blocked.[11]


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