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Spouse Taffa
Children Seeli
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

This is my husband Heb, good knight. He's never seen a sword, far as I know.


Heb was a man who lived on Roshar during the Eighth Heraldic Epoch. He was married to Taffa and they had a daughter, Seeli. He was the person Dalinar (and, later, Fen) replaced in the Starfalls vision.[1][2]


Heb lived with his family during a time of relative peace between Desolations, in a small village in Natanatan. He might've been a farmer, as he owned both a house and an adjacent barn. In the year three thirty seven of the Eight Epoch, his village was attacked by Midnight Essence. He and his wife were separated from their daughter, and Taffa sent him to look for her. He finally managed to locate her in the barn, though at this point, they were surrounded by the Midnight Essence.[1]

As the Starfalls vision begins there, it's difficult to determine what happens to him after this point. In Dalinar's version of the vision, where he controls Heb, he manages to fight off the Midnight Essence and gets his family to flee the house, running towards a nearby river. On their way there, they're ambushed by the Midnight Essence, but before it can kill them, they're rescued by the Starfalls Windrunner and his companion. The two Knights Radiant then offer to take Heb to Urithiru to train him properly in the arts of war.[1]

In Fen's version of the vision, Heb abandons Seeli and Taffa and runs away to organize a resistance against the Midnight Essence in the town. The group he puts together is fairly successful, and manages to hold out until the Radiants arrive to assist them, whereupon the vision is interrupted so that Dalinar can speak with Fen.[2]

It's difficult to say what happened in reality. Considering that Heb was a civillian who, according to Taffa, has never held a sword in his life, it's very likely he died when the Midnight Essence attacked the barn he was in.[1]


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