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Spouse Heb
Children Seeli
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

I should have helped, should have grabbed something to hit them. But you were so fast. It—it was just a few heartbeats. Where—How—?

— Taffa[1]

Taffa was a woman who lived on Roshar during the Eighth Heraldic Epoch. She had a daughter, Seeli, and a husband, Heb, who was replaced by the recipients of the Starfalls vision.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Taffa was a middle-aged woman with curly black hair. She cared deeply for her family, though she could get frustrated with Heb for his attitude even in the middle of a life-or-death battle. She was reasonably cautious, preferring to run rather than fight, and could keep her wits even when threatened with death. She worshipped the Heralds, as well as entities she called the Three Gods, and greatly respected the Knights Radiant.[1]


Taffa lived in a small village in Natanatan during a period of peace between the Desolations. At some point in her life, she married Heb and had a daughter, Seeli, with him. Her family was reasonably affluent, enough so to afford having both a house and a barn. In the year three thirty seven of the Eighth Heraldic Epoch, however, Taffa's village was attacked by the Midnight Essence. During that time, Taffa and Heb were separated from Seeli. Taffa remained at the house while Heb left to search for their daughter.[1]

Her fate afterwards is unknown, as this is when the Starfalls vision begins. In Dalinar's version, he manages to return with Seeli to the house, whereupon Taffa bars the door behind them. When the Midnight Essence attacks again and "Heb" manages to take it down, she's stunned, unable to understand how he suddenly acquired the ability to fight. She manages to recover a few moments later and grows annoyed when Heb reveals his lack of knowledge of her and her daughter. Nonetheless, she continues to obey him, and grows worried for him when he claims that his odd behavior is due to a head wound.[1]

Holding onto Seeli, Taffa flees the village along with Heb, leading her family to a nearby river, but they're attacked before they can get there. She manages to reach a nearby lait, hoping to protect herself, but she's surrounded by the monsters. Things look grim for her survival until a pair of Knights Radiant arrive and rescue her, Heb and Seeli. In the ensuing conversation, Taffa attempts to explain to the Starfalls Windrunner that she doesn't understand how Heb has suddenly become a master swordsman. When Heb reveals more and more gaps in his knowledge, she asks the other Radiant to heal him again. The Almighty then takes her over to give his message to Dalinar.[1]

In Fen's version of the vision, she's torn apart by the Midnight Essence in her home after "Heb" abandons her and Seeli to organize a resistance.[2] It's highly likely that this is what happened to her in reality.


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