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Parents Heb, Taffa
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Father. Father, what is happening?

— Seeli[1]

Seeli was a young girl who lived on Roshar during the Eighth Heraldic Epoch. She was the daughter of Taffa and Heb, the man whom Dalinar and Fen replaced in the Starfalls vision.[1][2]


Seeli lived with her parents in a small village in Natanatan during a time between Desolations. When she was roughly seven or eight years old, her home town was assaulted by the Midnight Essence. She hid from the attack in her family's barn, where her father later found her. This is when the Starfalls vision begins, making her subsequent fate uncertain.[1]

In Dalinar's version of the vision, she and Heb manage to get her out of the barn and into the house, whereupon they and Taffa leave to run away and hide from the creatures. Seeli is terrified the entire time, but manages to survive when two Knights Radiant arrive to rescue the family.[1]

In Fen's version of the vision, Heb abandons her, and Seeli witnesses her mother's death. She herself makes it through the battle, though she is heavily traumatized, and can be found huddling near the fire with other surviving children. When Fen-as-Heb approaches her, Almighty uses Seeli to give his message.[2]

In reality, it's highly likely she died when the Midnight Essence attacked the barn.


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