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Region Bavland
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Bornwater was the largest mining town in Bavland on Roshar.[1]

Because of its location in Jah Keved, Bornwater is a town of Vorin descent, though it is much more lax in its social decorum, with women often leaving their safehand exposed as a provocative and flirty act.[1]

Bornwater, while under the purview of its local landlord who resides in Kneespike, is most likely largely ignored by Jah Keved similar to most places in Bavland.

Protection from highstorms is provided for the town in that the whole of it was built in a lait, the large cliffside to the east. However, it seems that the architecture still follows cultural tendencies, with long flat roofs that slope gently to the east, even though being in a lait renders this unnecessary.[1]


The most curious thing about Bornwater is that it is the first and only location so far in The Way of Kings that uses both soil and stone as building material. Soil is extremely rare outside of Shinovar, so most of Roshar relies solely on stone.[1]


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