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Died Betabesev 1173[1][disputed]
Birthplace Staplind
Residence Bornwater
Nationality Bav
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The more successful Szeth was, the more audacious Makkek became. How long before he stopped using Szeth to kill minor rivals, instead sending him to kill Shardbearers or powerful lighteyes?

— Szeth on his master[1]

Makkek is a darkeyed criminal in Bavland on Roshar. He owns Szeth for a short while before being killed by one of Taravangian's assassins.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Makkek is a short, lean man, although he grows more plump before his death. He's extremely ambitious and self-confident, to the point of recklessness, and has no problem flaunting his wealth. He has a flair for the dramatic, even when it's highly impractical. At the same time, he's extremely paranoid, and has no compunctions against having people who stand in his way killed. This being said, he does not demand that Szeth murder everyone even remotely connected to his target, though this might be a matter of carelessness rather than mercy.[1]

Like all Bavlanders, he has a habit of saying "I" as "Oi".[2]


Makkek is a part of a group of footpads operating in the town of Ironsway in Bavland when they kill Took, Szeth's master at the time. When Makkek notices Szeth holding Took's dead body, he calls him over, intending to quiet him if need arises, but while searching Took's belongings, he picks up Szeth's Oathstone. Upon learning how it works, he decides to keep it.[2] Shortly afterwards, he orders Szeth to kill his fellow footpads to keep the Oathstone's existence a secret.[1]

For some time afterwards, Makkek has Szeth assassinate his rivals and act as his bodyguard, building the Shin's reputation as a deadly shadow -- and his own reputation as a criminal mastermind by association. He moves to Bornwater, the largest mining town in Bavland, and uses Szeth's skills to suborn or destroy pretty much every business and criminal in the city. This allows him to amass considerable wealth, which he flaunts with silk clothes and numerous lovers. His ambitions stretch further, as he intends to move to Kneespike, the residence of a local lord. Throughout that time, Szeth never tells him about having a Shardblade, although Makkek eventually begins to figure it out after rumors of burned-out eyes begin to spread.[1]

At one point, a man named Gavashaw opens a tavern in Bornwater and ignores Makkek's demands, having the favour of the lord in Kneespike. This prompts Makkek to send Szeth to kill him; however, the Diagram has been waiting for such an opportunity. As soon as Szeth leaves to kill Gavashaw, their assassin murders Makkek and takes the Oathstone, then brings it and Makkek's head to Szeth.[1]


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