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Nation Jah Keved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Bavland is a small mining region in the nation of Jah Keved on Roshar. The people from Bavland are called either Bav or Bavlanders.[1]


Bavland is located on the north-eastern tip of the mountain range in the center of the continent, putting it in the south-west of Jah Keved.[2] The region is rich in ore deposits, making mining central to its economy. Though not all of Bavland is concentrated on it, it seems to be the main source of population and work. There are multiple mining communities there, centered around small villages, with huge populations of transient workers. Due to all the mines, or perhaps the geological makeup of the region, Bavland is extremely dusty.[1]

Despite the abundance of work, settlements in Bavland are rather small. One of the largest, Ironsway, consists of only several hundred homes and three taverns.[1]

The region has an area of around 141,000 Km2.[3]

Notable settlements[edit]

  • Ironsway - one of the largest towns in its region
  • Bornwater - the biggest mining town in Bavland
  • Staplind - a smaller town near Bornwater
  • Kneespike - the town of residence of the lord of Bornwater

Politics and Culture[edit]

Bavland is generally ignored by the people of Jah Keved; even the Veden highprince who has jurisdiction over the land tends to stay out of the area.[1] The Alethi are dismissive of the area, referring to Bavland as a "backwater".[4] In fact, Adolin Kholin knows little enough of the region that he guesses Zahel to have come from there based on the fact that his homeland uses coins instead of spheres as currency but he doesn't look foreign to his Alethi eye.[5]

The people of Bavland are called Bavlanders by outsiders, though they refer to themselves as Bav. Though still distinctly Vorin, the Bav are a separate culture from that of the Veden, to the point of having their own language with several different dialects. One word from the Ironsway dialect of the Bav language is kurp, a term for "child".[1][6]

The Bav curse by "Dustmother", or Chemoarish.[7][1] However, as Chemoarish is sometimes mistakenly conflated with the Nightwatcher, it's uncertain which being the curse is intended to refer to.


  • With an area of around 141,000 Km2, Bavland is around the size of Tajikistan.


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