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Type Shardplate
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Cvaderln is a set of Shardplate held by the kingdom of Thaylenah.

It is Thaylen for "shell of Cva" and is painted gloss black. The helmet has Thaylen eyebrows which are stylised into backwards-pointing knives, and the legs are covered by a scale armour skirt.

During the Battle of Thaylen Field it is worn by Hrdalm and was armed with a large warhammer. He fought the thunderclast Kai-garnis and some Fused along with support from Adolin, who lent him Maya for a time. At one point his helm cracked but he continues to fight, and helps Renarin remove all of Kai-garnis' limbs before Renarin forces her to leave.[1]

Adolin was confronted by a figure in glistening black Shardplate, a large hammer strapped to its back. The helm had stylized eyebrows like knives sweeping backward, and the Plate was skirted with a triangular pattern of interlocking scales
Adolin's impression of the Plate[1]


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