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Universe Cosmere
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Spook: "What is this?"
Kelsier: "Half dream."
Spook: "Half dream?"
Kelsier: "You’re almost dead, kid. Smashed your spirit up pretty good. Lots of cracks. That let me in."


Visions are a partially spiritual partially cognitive phenomena that Shards and some Invested individuals can induce.

Characteristics & Attributes[edit]


Visions are almost like glimpsing into the Spiritual Realm, but viewed through the Cognitive Realm.[2] This is done by a person being pulled through the Realms into the Spiritual Realm, with the Cognitive Realm adding framework to seeds set in place. This allows the person to interact with the vision, and for the vision to respond, similar to an AI.[3] Almost anything can be shown in a vision.[4] Visions can also be used for meetings, creating a near empty void just for communicating with others.[5][6][4]

Visions may be a type of pocket dimension in the Spiritual Realm and are considered a warping of the Realms.[7][4][8] Due to this, time may slow in the Physical Realm when a vision is occurring.[9][10] Visions do not change the past or create alternate timelines.[11][12]


Dalinar: "This place is where you make the visions happen, isn’t it? Time sometimes moved oddly in those."
Stormfather: "Yes. But you must have Connection for a vision. You must have a reason for it. A meaning. It cannot be just anything."


Those with the ability are able to induce visions on their targets. In order to bring a person into a vision, a strong Connection must be made.[4][9][13] This may require a conduit (such as the Everstorm, Highstorm, or access via someone else Connected to them) if the Connection between the two is not strong enough.[4] For Shards, targeting lone individuals requires a high level of Connection.[14]


Those pulled into a vision have little control over it and often can't refuse.[4] However, they may be able to pull in those they are bonded with.[9] Those pulled into a vision manifest via their mind and soul, ignoring physical aliments.[10] Some visions can be slowed down, similar to the effects of a speed bubble.[5]

Those who a brought into a vision can bring some things with them (such as the Thrill, Surgebinding, or Nightblood),[15][16][10] though some things cannot be brought (such as Shardblades).[3] Things affected in a vision will carry over after exiting one, such as paper being torn in a vision remaining torn after leaving the vision.[8] Likewise, some entities inside a vision can still be harmed or killed.[10][8] Accents might not carry over inside of visions.[17]


Some individuals are able to control the visions of others, entering, leaving, and removing others on their own without the creators authority.[18][14] They can also be messed with under certain inhibitors, such as suppression fabrials.[19]

Honor's Visions[edit]

Honor, via the Stormfather, sent visions to both Gavilar and Dalinar during every highstorm.[20] These visions feel real to them, and they experienced them as themselves, but other people in the visions see them as someone else, not as an outsider.[3] At the end of every one of them, they hear the voice of Honor speaking to them, commanding them to "unite them." As the visions are pre-recorded, they cannot communicate with Honor.[21] They were selected to see these visions as part of being on the path of becoming a Bondsmith.[22] After bonding with the Stormfather, Dalinar was able to control and chose who experiences the visions and able to bring other people into the visions with him.[23]

Odium's Visions[edit]

Odium can bring others into vision, which he used often to communicate with them directly.[6][4] When used for communication, Odium typically creates a vast field of golden light and stone.[4][8]

Notably, Odium was demonstrated to be vulnerable during his visions, allowing the vessel, Rayse, to be slain by Nightblood.[10][8] This shattered the vision, leaving a dark void, within which Taravangian was able to ascend to the Shard of Odium.[10]

Preservation's Visions[edit]

Kelsier, as Preservation, was able to pull a semi-comatose Spook into a "half dream" of how the world once was to communicate vital information to Spook about how to defeat Ruin.[1]

Renarin's Visions[edit]

Renarin is able to show a person an alternate version of themselves, similar to the effect of Allomantic gold or malatium. This manifests as an illusory image of the target's alternate self standing within a cloud of bright white light.[24]


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