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Abilities Worldhopper, Awakener[1]
Aliases Foil[2][3]
Species Dragon (cosmere)
Homeworld Yolen
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Tress of the Emerald Sea

I don't care for the hearts of mortals, Except for how they taste.

—Xisis rebutting Tress.[1]

Xisisrefliel, also known as Xisis or Foil for short, is a dragon, originally from Yolen, who for a point lived on Lumar in the Crimson Sea.[4][5][3] Because of this, the sea became known as 'the domain of the dragon.'[6]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Xisis has black scales, silvery hair, and dragonsteel ridges, claws and horns. He is primarily interested in his research and is unconcerned with desires of mortals.[7][8] He is very large, around the size of four humans standing on top of one another.[7]

There is only one being on Lumar that he fears, that being the Sorceress, and he refuses to in any way stand in her way.[1]

He does not like putting too much effort into training his servants, and prefers they be well-liked with a good temperament.[1][9]

He is rather honest, feeling no need to lie; however, he is rather imperious, and the exact truth of his statements can be warped by his own self-image.[9] He is rather honest about the way he personally feels he treats his slaves, believing that he treats them well.[9][1]

He is particularly interested in the decomposition cycle of the Aethers that engender the seethe on Lumar. This is the primary subject of his research, and the reason for him living at the bottom of the spore seas.[9][10] He also wishes to master the aethers;[2] this is something he has likely achieved, as he is able to control the crimson spores that make up the sea in which he made his domain[11] and to temporarily cure people of their spore eater affliction.[5][1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a dragon, he possesses an extremely long lifespan,[12][13][14] and the ability to shapeshift through a currently unknown method.[7][15][16][17][10]

Xisis has the ability to cure diseases including that of spore eaters.[5][1] He claims that this is temporary, only lasting a year or two, unless the person remains in his vicinity.[1]

Xisis is also seemingly a Tenth Heightening Awakener, able to Command Awakened cloth without words.[1][18]

Through unknown means he is also able to control and shape the spores of the Crimson Sea to his whim, allowing him to form tunnels to his base of operations at the bottom of the ocean. This base is itself a series of tunnels made out of the crimson spores.[11]


Xisis has lived on Lumar in a palace at the bottom of the Crimson Sea for hundreds of years before the events of the exodus of the Sorceress.[5] His arrival has some connection to the departure of the Iriali, but the exact nature of this relation is unknown.[19] During this time he has been researching the ecosystem at the bottom of the spore seas,[7] as well as the water cycle and the decomposition of spores.[9]

To help with his chores and research, he has been making trades, taking a slave in exchange for a boon.[8] Captain Crow takes the Crow's Song above his palace and is able to get an audience with him in order to sell Tress to him. Tress, however, is able to convince him to take Captain Crow instead.[1]

Like many dragons, his home base is in Silverlight.[10]


  • Brandon first revealed Xisis' name when asked if there are any cosmere characters with names starting with X by an artist working on a "cosmere A-Z" fanart collection.[4]


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