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Related to Aether spores
World of Origin Lumar
Universe Cosmere

He sailed the Midnight Sea, Miss Tress. Beneath Thanasmia's own moon. The Sorceress took him.

—Flik, on Charlie's fate[1]

Thanasmia is a place or entity related to Lumar in the cosmere.[1]

Flik refers to sailing under "Thanasmia's own moon" when telling Tress that Charlie was forced to travel the Midnight Sea.[1] He is the only person to use the term, and does not elaborate. It is therefore unclear who or what Thanasmia is.

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The context of Flik's statement implies that Thanasmia could be a name for the prime midnight aether that presumably lives on the moon above the Midnight Sea, but his statement is not definitive. He could theoretically be referring to the Midnight Sea itself, several types of entities in the cosmere (such as an Aetherbound or a primal aether), or a figure from local legend or religion on Lumar. The prominence of both aether spores and Lumar's twelve moons in their culture means that they are often referred to by multiple names and nicknames, further obscuring the origin of the term.


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