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Expanse of the Densities

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Expanse of the Densities
Region Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Expanse of the Densities is a location in Shadesmar. It is adjacent to the Nexus of Truth.[1] It is also confirmed to be "a world we know".[2] It is a world that was seen before 2011. Seeing as we know Scadrial is in the Expanse of the Vapors, this leaves Sel or Nalthis to be here (More likely Nalthis, as Sel has been marked as 'tricky' to get to). Presumably this means that many places on the Shadesmar map correspond to places in the Physical Realm.


  1. Map of Shadesmar
  2. a world you know
    Theoryland - 2011-11-08
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