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Expanse of the Densities

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Expanse of the Densities
Region Cognitive Realm
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Expanse of the Densities is the Rosharan term for the region of the Cognitive Realm around Sel.[1][2] After Splintering Devotion and Dominion, Odium pushed their Investiture into the Cognitive Realm. Due to the contained nature of the space, that Investiture is in an incredibly dangerous and highly pressurized state, similar to plasma.[3] This Investiture fills the region as a deadly storm known as the Dor and is the reason Rosharans call the region the Expanse of the Densities.[2] It strains Hoid's resources to safely travel there, but he has done it on occasion.[4][5]

It can be accessed from Devotion's Perpendicularity near Elantris,[6][7][5] the other Perpendicularity on Sel,[8] or by traveling there from another region of the Cognitive Realm;[9] it is adjacent to to the Nexus of Truth on the Rosharan map of Shadesmar.[10]


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