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Contest of champions
Related to Dalinar, Honor, Odium, Shard
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive, Mistborn

The Contest of Champions is the result of a contract agreed between Odium and Dalinar acting in his capacity as Honor.[1]


The terms of the agreement were reached after Urithiru was liberated and Dalinar had met with Ishar. These events as well as Rayse's deteriorating control over his Shard seems to have encouraged him to reach a compromise with Dalinar. Dalinar had terms of a contract written by Wit in advance of his meeting with Odium. The terms as written by Wit were that if Odium's champion won the contest then all of Roshar would be his. If Odium's champion lost, then he and his forces would have to withdraw from the planet for a millennium. Odium flatly rejected these terms due to his inability to control the Fused and Singers without destroying himself in the process.[1]

Odium then offers a counter proposal. His proposal is that if Dalinar's champion wins then Odium will retreat to Braize for a thousand years and stop contacting the Fused or Voidspren. If he wins, then he will abandon Roshar and free the Singers to make their own peace with the Coalition. Dalinar rejects this proposal because Wit was adamant that Odium not be released from the Rosharan system and he feels Honor trapped Odium on Roshar for a reason. Odium, desperate for a deal, pushes him to agree to terms. Odium offers one final proposal, which both sides end up accepting.[1]


The exact terms agreed upon are as follows:

“Final terms are these: A contest of champions to the death. On the tenth day of the month Palah, tenth hour. We each send a willing champion, allowed to meet at the top of Urithiru, otherwise unharmed by either side’s forces. If I win that contest, you will remain bound to the system—but you will return Alethkar and Herdaz to me, with all of their occupants intact. You will vow to cease hostilities and maintain the peace, not working against my allies or our kingdoms in any way.”

“Agreed,” Odium said. “But if I win, I keep everything I’ve won—including your homeland. I still remain bound to this system, and will still cease hostilities as you said above. But I will have your soul. To serve me, immortal. Will you do this? Because I agree to these terms.”

“And I,” Dalinar whispered. “I agree to these terms.”

“It is done.”

—Odium and Dalinar agreeing to the final terms of their contract [1]

Due to the contract holders' natures, the spirit of the deal is as binding as the words of the deal. If either party breaks the terms of the contract then they will be in the other's power. Further, if Odium breaks his word then Cultivation would be able to kill him due to the hole created in his soul. If Dalinar breaks his word, then the restrictions placed on Odium by Honor -- chaining him to the Rosharan system and preventing him from using his powers on most individuals -- would be void.[1]


  • The Heralds are similar to champions.[2]
  • While it is theoretically possible for every Shard to have a champion, there are some catches.[3]
  • Some Shards outside of the Rosharan system have had champions in the past.[4]
  • The fight between Marsh and Elend does not count as a contest of champions because it is not formalized enough, but it is an echo of one.[5]


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