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This template is used to refer to chapter summaries on the coppermind.

To use, include {{book ref|book|chapter}}

  • Replace book with the appropriate code from {{b}}
  • chapter should be the chapter number, prologue, or epilogue
  • When referencing chapters which have names in place of numbers, such as several chapters in the Alcatraz books, use the name of the chapter in place of a number. For example: {{book ref|a5|mary}}
  • When referring to interludes, replace chapter with i|number, where the latter is the interlude number
  • For parts that aren't any of the above, replace chapter with part=name; for example, part=ars for Ars Arcanum (don't use this for parts that are comprised of multiple chapters, like in The Stormlight Archive books; always reference a specific chapter, or put {{cite}} if you can't find it)
  • {{{pre}}} is included before the link
  • {{{post}}} is included after the link
  • {{{name}}} replaces the generated reference name
  • {{{group}}} sets the reference group

The following books have specific templates for referencing use:

  • Mistborn: Secret History uses {{msh ref|part|chapter}} as the chapters start at 1 in each part
  • The Emperor's Soul uses {{tes ref|day number}} as the chapters are numbered differently
  • Khriss' articles in Arcanum Unbounded use {{au ref|system name}} because they're not chapters
  • Dark One uses this template in combination with {{Dark One lookup}} to show the chapter title in the reference

Articles using Template[edit]