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Titles Baron of Tii Plantation (formerly)
Residence Duladel
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Edan is a former Arelene baron on Sel.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is lean and balding.[1] He often appears fidgety and nervous, and has a tendency to blurt things out and interrupt the flow of conversation.[1] He alternates between worrying about his financial problems and ignoring them in hopes that they will somehow disappear.[1] His name is based on Aon Eda, which means "superior or lofty".[2]

He is primarily concerned with self-preservation and admits to beating the peasants in his plantation to try and coax more production from them.[1] His attitude towards Sarene indicates a degree of misogyny.[1][3] Kiin, Lukel, and Ahan all dislike him, and he is thought of as spineless and arrogant.[1][4]


Edan was the baron of Tii Plantation, which primarily grew potatoes.[1] Tii Plantation contained most of the Chasm and the infertile land surrounding it,[5] and Edan had never been particularly rich.[1] Edan was a staunch supporter of Raoden's efforts to undermine King Iadon due to his inability to maintain power in Iadon's wealth-based caste system.[6][1] In an effort to make more money, Edan made some questionable investments that were unsuccessful, leaving him nearly bankrupt and in danger of losing his barony within a few months.[1] He continues to live in relative extravagance to hide his true financial situation.[1]

Edan is among the few nobles who attend a meeting of Raoden's former supporters organized by Kiin and Lukel after Raoden is taken by the Shaod.[1] Edan is very nervous about his future and Ahan mocks him mercilessly.[1] Although Edan is dubious of Sarene's plan to increase the morale of Arelon's citizens, he goes along with her suggestions as he has no other options.[1][3] When Sarene later suggests that the group should side with Elantris, Edan is taken aback, but is not able to argue with Sarene's logic.[3]

Tii Plantation commences its planting for the season,[1] but rain in the area causes mudslides in the fields.[4] Edan presumably abandons any remaining hope of maintaining his barony and flees to Duladel.[4] Lukel points out that the Dulas will not care about Edan's former nobility and he will likely end up as a farmer.[4]

Despite the lack of resources in Tii Plantation, a number of minor nobles attempt to gain Edan's former title from Iadon.[7] Raoden uses this as part of his cover story when he poses as "Kaloo".[8]


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