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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The Chasm is a major geographical feature of the Arelon region of the planet Sel.

The Chasm appeared after an earthquake during the Reod.[1][2] Because the chasm changed the landscape of Arelon significantly, it also changed how Aons needed to be drawn. An additional line referred to as a "Chasm line" must be added to Aons to make them function.[3][4]

The chasm was a natural result of the earthquake, but the earthquake itself was unnatural.[5] The specific cause of the Reod is unknown. It is unlikely to have been caused by Odium's visit to Sel. The Reod occurred about ten years before the restoration of Elantris, while Odium's visit came far earlier than that (at least several centuries, as seons did not exist before Odium appeared).[6]


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