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Abilities Elantrian
Titles Baron of Elantris
Aliases Aanden
Skills Sculptor
Residence Elantris
Ethnicity Aonic
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Elantris

Taan is a sculptor from Arelon on Sel. After being taken by the Shaod, he takes the name Aanden. Taan rules one-third of the inhabitants of Elantris prior to the arrival of Prince Raoden.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Taan is a short man "with a sizeable paunch."[1]


While living in Arelon, Taan made a name for himself as one of Kae's finest sculptors.[1] He weathered the political turmoil in Arelon immediately following the Reod and lived for several years in Iadon's fledgling kingdom. Taan was taken by the Shaod approximately a year before the restoration of Elantris.

It was after being cast into Elantris (as was custom) that Taan displayed his brilliance outside of sculpting. He assumed the name Aanden, donned a long, drooping fake mustache[1] and created a new history for himself. Aanden claimed to have been a baron before taken by the Shaod.[2] He leveraged this reputation as a baron to declare himself "Baron of Elantris."[1] Unable to establish a base in Elantris' palace - that section being held by Karata's gang - Aanden began holding "court" in Elantris' university.[2]

Aanden showed great political acumen after his move, winning the allegiance of a third of Elantris' residents, with three deft moves. First, he deduced that the scrolls in the library were made of vellum, which could be boiled and consumed as a source of food. And, in Elantris, food was the only commodity. Secondly, Aanden spread persistent propaganda that he was on the verge of attacking Kae in order to free the Elantrians. Finally, for those followers that couldn't be won over with food nor with vengeance, Aanden made a practice of doling out mock trials with arbitrary punishments and executions.[2] It was widely known that Aanden, while devious, was not entirely sane.[2][1]

Aanden's band was the second to join Raoden's New Elantris settlement. After joining, Aanden largely gave up leadership of the gang, reverting to his former role as Taan the sculptor. He spent his days quietly studying the masterful frescoes that existed throughout Elantris, uncovering artistic techniques that had been forgotten in the wake of the Reod.[3]

During the Invasion of Arelon, Derethi soldiers and Dakhor monks attacked New Arelon, whilst running through it Galladon spotted Taan whose face had been crushed beneath a large stone, although his fingers were still twitching.[4]

When Raoden reconnected Elantrians with the Dor it would seem Taan was also saved from his Hoed state as he carved a jade pendant bearing Aon Omi overlaid with bands of gold for Raoden to give to Sarene during their wedding ceremony.[5]


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