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This template is used to retrieve the correct filename for a map.

{{{1}}} File
t'telir T-Telir.png
elendel Elendel.jpg
elendel basin Elendel Basin.png
fadex, fadrex city Fadrex City.jpg
final empire Final Empire.png
luthadel Luthadel.png
urteau Urteau.jpg
arelon Arelon.jpg
elantris ELantris-Kae Map.jpg
opelon Opelon.gif
sycla Sycla-Opelon Map.jpg
roshar OB Roshar.jpg
alethkar Alethkar Color.jpg
alethi warcamps Warcamps.jpg
kharbranth Kharbranth.jpg
shattered plains Shattered Plains.jpg
silver kingdoms Silver Kingdoms.jpg
frostlands Frostlands map.jpeg
kholinar Kholinar.jpg
oathgates Oathgate Locations.jpg
thaylen city Thaylen City.jpg
shadesmar Shadesmar (TWoK).jpg
sea of lost lights Sea of Lost Lights.jpg
united isles, united isles of america United Isles of America.jpg
dayside Dayside map.jpg
free kingdoms Free Kingdoms World Map.jpg
united defiant caverns United Defiant Caverns.jpeg
alta base Alta Base.jpeg