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Cusicesh by EccoS.jpg
Abilities Splinter
Species Spren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Cusicesh, the Protector is an extremely large spren in a bay neighboring the city of Kasitor in Iri on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Attributes[edit]

At exactly seven forty-six in the morning every day, Cusicesh rises from the waters of the bay, sending out an illusory wake. This happens without fail such that the locals could set timepieces by its occurrence. It takes the form of an incredibly tall column-shaped jet of water, with four long arms that extend downward from the column and form fingers and thumbs. The arms always form in the same places, and the people in the city have placed large golden pedestals where the "hands" come to rest. It is a translucent sea-blue color, ranging from deep blue in the center to a lighter, blue on the surface. It forms a face on a stumplike neck that always looks east toward the Origin; the face shifts very rapidly into different human faces, both male and female. The faces continue to cycle for ten minutes, and Cusicesh then retreats into the water, leaving another illusory wake.[1]

Axies the Collector is an avid observer of spren and makes a trip to Kasitor to see Cusicesh. He notes several interesting qualities. It is one of only a few unique spren that he has encountered, and at around one hundred feet tall, it is one of the largest. It leaves him—and reportedly many others who witness it—with a feeling of being "drained".[1]


Cusicesh has been present in the bay for a very long time.[2] The people of Kasitor have built a viewing platform to observe Cusicesh. Some Iriali worship it as a god, while others simply consider it part of the city.[1]


  • When Shallan Davar questions Pattern about the Voidbringers, he mentions Odium. She is not aware of Odium's nature at the time and wonders if it is another unique spren like Cusicesh or the Nightwatcher.[3]
  • Cusicesh is more important than a typical spren, but it does not have the same level of power as the Stormfather or the Nightwatcher.[4]
  • In facing east towards the Origin, Cusicesh must look across the continent of Roshar.[5] The allignment of the city on the coast is unknown, though the fact that viewers can see the changing faces indicates it faces towards the city and not out to sea.


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