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Locator Marabethia.png
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Marabethians have a saying for those who refuse to see the truth of a situation. 'You have eyes of red and blue', they say. Red for blood dripping. Blue for the water. It is said that these two things are all the [criminals] see. Usually they are attacked within one day. And yet, most still wish to take that chance. They prefer the false hope

Sigzil on Marabethian criminal policy[1]

Marabethia is a nation on Roshar occupying the isthmus separating the Purelake from the Reshi Sea.[2] It is in the north, in Selay lands beside the sea.

The Marabethian people are known to have a great fondness for debate; the city has many pedestals at intersections where men can stand and proclaim his arguments. The residents are known to carry around overripe fruit for discouraging those they disagree with.[1]

To punish serious crimes, they dangle the perpetrator over a seaside cliff near the city, during a high tide with a cut in each cheek, as bait for the yu-nerig that live there.[3] If the criminal survives for a week, they are set free.[1] The criminals that hang there are usually attacked within a day. A criminal can demand execution instead but almost every prisoner chooses to be hung over the sea, because they prefer false hope to certain death.

Sigzil told Kaladin of Marabethia, because he felt that Kaladin was filling the heads of the bridgemen with false hope.[1]

Lift has been to Marabethia, though she left and travelled to Azir.[4]


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