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Died 1025 FE
Abilities Shard of Ruin
Titles Ruin
Aliases Frue[1]
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Ati was once a kind and generous man, and you saw what became of him.

Ati is a human and the original Vessel of the Shard Ruin, originally from the planet Yolen. When he was killed by Vin and separated from his shard, it is revealed that he has red hair. [3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Little is known about Ati's appearance, other than the fact that he has red hair. His personality before he became the Vessel of Ruin was that of a very kind, generous and caring man. Due to Ruin's influence, however, his personality was warped to fit that of Ruin, making Ati want to see the destruction of everything in existence.


Ati became the Vessel for Ruin through unknown means. He was originally a kind and generous person, but over the course of holding Ruin, his personality was twisted by the influence of his Shard.[4] Because of this, he became the embodiment of the natural force of entropy, and wished to destroy everything. His desires have only been kept in check by Leras, the Vessel of the Shard of his opposing force, Preservation.

Leras was weakened over time, unable to defeat his opponent due to the inherent protective nature of Preservation. This caused him to pass the shard to Vin, who could defeat Ati before the personality-altering effects could prevent her from doing so. Ati is killed by Vin-as-Preservation when she sacrifices herself for that purpose. This enabled Sazed to take the Shards Ruin and Preservation, combining them into Harmony.

Pact with Preservation and Attempted Destruction of Scadrial[edit]

As one of the sixteen people who shattered Adonalsium, Ati became the original vessel of Shard Ruin. As the vessel, his mind was warped to fit his Shardic intent, making him always want to reduce everything down to its smallest possible form, to destroy everything. In an agreement with the Shard Preservation, he obtained Preservation's help in creating a planet (Scadrial), with the agreement that if Preservation could create sentient life, Ruin could eventually destroy Scadrial and its inhabitants. However, Preservation's Intent prevented him from actually allowing Ruin to destroy Scadrial. He orchestrated the downfall of Ruin on Scadrial with an elaborate plot to sacrifice himself (since holding Preservation meant he was unable to destroy). He sacrificed his mental capabilities to entrap Ruin in the Well of Ascension, effectively preventing Ruin from majorly affecting the world. Ati was still able to use Ruin's power to affect the world, and changed the Terris Prophecies to trick Vin into freeing him from the Well of Ascension. Once free, he began to make the Ashmounts to erupt more frequently, causing the omnipresent ash to fall more heavily and lava flows to endanger several villages close to each Ashmount.[5] Earthquakes were also much more frequent, so much so that Elend remarked that earthquakes were practically unheard of in the Inner Dominances, but during a short time he had already experienced several.[6]

God Metal[edit]

'Atium' is Ruin's god metal, a physical condensation of his power, and is named after Ati. Allomantic atium gives the user the ability to see into the future by a few seconds in order to counteract any move made by an opponent and strike almost unavoidably, as the Seer or Mistborn burning atium will know where you will move before you even do. Burning atium also expands the user's mind to be able to deal with the wealth of new information and act accordingly to it. Atium burned incredibly quickly; even a relatively large bead lasts for only about two minutes.[7] Atium production from the Pits of Hathsin was ceased when Kelsier destroyed the crystals that the Atium grew from.

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