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Abilities Windrunner[1]
Groups Knights Radiant (Windrunner)Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
Residence Urithiru
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Way of Kings

Yake is a member of Bridge Four on Roshar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Yake is described as stout with thick arms,[2][3] and is presumably darkeyed.[2]

Yake is reliable, and is quick to follow orders.[2] He does not seem superstitious, as he dismisses Maps's Death Rattle as "just dying delirium".[3] He initially seems introverted,[4] but later opens up and often teases his fellow bridgemen.[2]

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Yake is trained in the use of the spear,[5] and received some special training regarding Shardblades.[2]

He became a Radiant Windrunner squire to Kaladin, gaining the ability to breathe in Stormlight and heal wounds, along with limited Surgebinding abilities when Kaladin was nearby.[6] Yake presumably swears at least the Second Ideal of the Windrunners at some point; by 1175 all of the original Bridge Four members have reached that level or higher, except Rlain and Dabbid.[1]


Yake was already in the Sadeas bridge crews when Kaladin arrived to the Shattered Plains in 1173. The reason he was a bridgeman is unknown. He participated in the first bridge run actively led by Kaladin, and was among the last to arrive for duty, along with Dunny and Malop.[7] After Gaz put Bridge Four on chasm duty, Yake took notice of the growing camaraderie among the group but was reluctant to join their conversations.[4] Weeks later, he was hit in the arm by an enemy arrow during a bridge run, leaving Bridge Four with only twenty-eight capable members.[8]

When Kaladin was training Bridge Four how to fight with the spear, Yake and Hobber struggled with their thrusts; Kaladin asked Moash to work with them.[5]

Yake, Moash, and Teft were selected by Kaladin to train with Zahel and Ivis, learning how to deal with Shardblades and use stances. Zahel chided Yake for picking up one of his colored stones. Yake briefly wielded a Blade, and was awestruck by it. He also practiced dodging blows from a Blade. He found Ivis attractive even though she was lighteyed, unlike Kaladin.[2]

After becoming one of Kaladin's squires, he greeted Rlain during a training session and suggested that he should educate the new recruits in how to hold a spear. He and Eth asked Rlain about the Fused attacking caravans, making the common error of lumping the listeners in with other singers.[6]


  • Yake is a cameo for an unknown friend or family member of Brandon's.[9]


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