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Abilities Cognitive Shadow
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Spanky is the nickname given by Hoid to a spirit-corpse of unknown origin that he rides in the Cognitive Realm around Scadrial.[1]


Spanky is clothed in a white robe and floats face-down, unmoving, in the mists.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Spanky is a Cognitive Shadow.[2] Hoid speaks to Spanky and they are able to mumble something in return, so they seem to retain a low level of sapience.[1] It is difficult to move Cognitive Shadows between planets,[3] so it is likely that Spanky physically died on Scadrial. There are multiple methods of becoming a Cognitive Shadow in the cosmere, but they are relatively rare on Scadrial.[4] Spanky's origin and the reason why they are mostly unresponsive to their surroundings are unknown.


As a Cognitive Shadow, Spanky was able to float on the mists of the Scadrian subastral. Because Hoid partly existed in the Physical Realm, he used the corpse as a vessel to avoid falling through the mists.[1] How Hoid first found Spanky is not known. He carried an oar that he coated with a glowing substance made of Investiture[2] in order to allow him to steer the spirit as he rode it.[1] Hoid claimed that Spanky's parents were still living, although he was bantering with Kelsier and may have fabricated this fact.[1]

Oh, Spanky here is just a spirit. It’s damnably difficult to get about in this subastral—anyone physical risks slipping through these mists and falling, perhaps forever. So many thoughts pool together here, becoming what you see around you, and you need something finer to travel over it all.

Hoid, to Kelsier[1]


  • Despite the rarity of Cognitive Shadows on Scadrial, Spanky is not someone important in the cosmere.[2]


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