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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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A mystery sent by Shishi.

Evi on the origins of spren[1]

Shishi is an entity mentioned by Evi Kholin, who attributes the mysterious circumstances by which spren do or do not appear to Shishi.[1]

It is unclear who or what Shishi is. It may be a being of Iriali religion or folk tradition; perhaps a different name or aspect of their deity, the One. Evi is Riran but she is known to believe in the Iriali concept of the One, and she considers the mysteries of the natural world to be given to humankind by Shishi. As she later states that all mysteries are resolved once people rejoin the One, it's possible that Shishi and the One are separate entities.[1]

Evi is also known to believe in some aspects of Vorinism and uses unique Riran names for the Heralds, such as "Yaysi" for Jezrien and "Kellai" for Kalak.[2] Additionally, Ishar is sometimes refered to as the Herald of Mysteries, so Shishi could refer to him. It could also refer to another Herald, such as Shalash.


  • Shishi sounds similar to the Chinese word 事实 (Shìshí), meaning "fact", which may or may not tie in with it being a giver of mysteries. It's also the same as the Japanese word for "lion".


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