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Reshi Sea
Map ReshiSea.png
Type Sea
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Reshi Sea is a body of water in northern Roshar. It is the largest known sea on Roshar and it covers a significant portion of the middle of the continent. The southern end of the sea is separated from the Purelake by Marabethia, while the Reshi Isles archipelago lies at the northern end of the sea, adjacent to the Steamwater Ocean. Other countries along the sea's coastline include Iri, Rira, Babatharnam, Tu Bayla, Jah Keved, and Herdaz.[1] During the Heraldic Epochs, the sea was in the territory of Rishir.[2]

In addition to the various islands in the Reshi Sea, it is also home to massive inhabited greatshells known as Tai-na. Although the sea is deeper than the Purelake, it is shallow enough to allow the Tai-na to walk along the seafloor.[3]

The area has a hot and humid tropical climate, and it does not snow.[4][5][6] The waters of the sea are usually quite calm,[3] although the region is presumably in the path of highstorms. The seawater is quite warm most of the time.[4][3]


Many of the islands in the Reshi Sea are known to be inhabited by the native people, known as the Reshi.[3] Various Tai-na contain self-contained kingdoms that also attract foreigners seeking a simple life.[3] The ardents Ashir and Geranid live on a small island where they can focus on scientific experiments.[4] The Herdazian coastline is known to be inhabited,[5] and it is Toh's last known location.[7]

Flora and Fauna[edit]

  • Tai-na - Sapient island-sized greatshells worshiped as gods.[3]
  • Zatalef - A bat-like cephalopod native to Akak.
  • Chulls - A species of crustacean useful for labor intensive jobs.
  • Coracot - A fearsome creature that is hunted in the Reshi Isles on Roshar.[3]
  • I-nah - A type of tree native to the Reshi Sea on Roshar.[3]
  • An unknown species of minnow.[4]


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