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Profession Ardent
Residence The Reshi Isles
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

I wonder if they eat in the Cognitive Realm. Is a food there what it sees itself as being? I’ll have to read and see if anyone has ever eaten while visiting Shadesmar.

—Geranid on cooking[1]

Ashir is a chemist and ardent who lives with Geranid on a small Reshi island on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ashir is an older portly man, with a shaved head and a gray beard that he keeps neatly squared off.[1] He speaks with a soft and kindly voice and enjoys talking, even when Geranid is trying to think.

Ashir is an affable man, with a calm demeanor.[1] His Calling is cooking, but his interest is in chemistry, which he practices through his cooking because it allows him to eat the results. Instead of trying to create delicious meals, Ashir enjoys cooking highly experimental dishes. He tries new dishes and cooking methods which he shares with his companion Geranid. Ashir is less concerned with how a dish tastes in the end than he is with how interesting he finds the results. Although his chemistry comes in the form of cooking, he still records the results of his experimental meals. Ashir cooks many of his dishes on a hotplate powered by a fabrial.

Despite his love of cooking, Ashir wonders if he should change Callings.[1] He has less of a passion for cooking than he once did, and does not see how his cooking will one day serve the Heralds in their fight to reclaim the Tranquiline Halls. Ashir does not believe that they will need to eat food, and has little interest in only being able to cook ideal dishes once he dies and passes to the Spiritual Realm. He has something of a sweet tooth, and enjoys food that is traditionally reserved for women. Ashir is far more practiced in scientific theory than he is in mathematics, but Geranid is the opposite. Ashir is also something of a philosopher, posing theoretical questions that cannot readily be proved or disproved.

Ashir and Geranid have come to love one another over their years spent together.[1] Despite their love, they remain simple companions because they have dedicated the majority of their lives to serving the Almighty and do not wish to make a mistake at the very end.


Nothing of Ashir's early life is known, but at some point he joined the ardentia.[1] After some length of time as an ardent, he and his close companion were assigned to live on a small island in the Reshi Sea. Ostensibly this was to serve the needs of any Vorin peoples in the area, but in truth Ashir and Geranid wished to have some peace and seclusion in which to continue with their studies. During their many years there, they still served the needs of any people in the area who practiced Vorinism, but their studies are their priority. At some point during their lives, Ashir and Geranid fell in love with one another.

When Geranid discovered that a flamespren's size becomes fixed when it is measured, Ashir helped her to work through the implications of her discovery.[1] He helped her realize that the size must actually be measured, not estimated, guessed, or arbitrarily chosen, and it needs to be recorded in order to constrain the spren's size. He had no idea what it meant, but he was certain that Geranid had discovered something important that may revolutionize the world's understanding of fabrials and spren.


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