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Related to Vorinism
Type Garment
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Takamas are traditional warrior garments from Alethkar on Roshar.[1]

Sebarial wearing a takama


A takama is a long, straight, calf-length skirt.[2] They are usually loose-fitting and tied tightly with a long belt, typically in two knots with the ends hanging loosely.[3][4] Takamas can be made from fine materials and it is not unusual to see them in a formal setting; they are sometimes golden in color.[4][2] The takama has some similarities to both the pleated vakama and the shorter ulatu from Jah Keved.[5][6]

During the Heraldic Epochs, takamas were worn with wide girdles and no shirt;[7] Vaiu, an honorspren in Shadesmar, favors a similar style.[8] In Dalinar Kholin's youth, it was common for soldiers to wear long uniform jackets over their takamas.[9] In current-day Roshar, the skirt is traditionally worn with a light, loose-fitting overshirt and a cloth belt. The shirts are specifically designed to be worn with a takama.[10]

Roshone wearing a takama


Takamas are ancient in origin, dating to at least the Heraldic Epochs; Dalinar observed people wearing takamas of an older style during one of his visions of the time of Nohadon.[7]

Takamas were popular as warriors garb as recently as a generation prior to the War of Reckoning, but were rarely worn in modern Roshar.[2] Kaladin, who grew up in rural Alethkar, first saw a takama when he was twelve or thirteen years old and was surprised at its resemblance to a woman's skirt.[2]

Dalinar often wore a takama in his youth and told Kadash a story about one of his swordmasters, Harth, teaching him to tie a takama in the "traditional" way, with the belt tied three times. He noticed that everyone else tied the belt twice, leaving the ends long and drooping. Dalinar sought out Harth's master to ask him about it, and realized that the master tied his belt three times not because of tradition, but because he was extremely short in stature and the long ends made him trip.[10] Perhaps because of this embarrassment, Dalinar never liked wearing a takama,[9] although he did wear them during his time as the Blackthorn.[6]

Most of the people seen wearing a takama in modern Roshar are members of the nobility or the military. They include Roshone,[2] Sebarial,[1] and Elhokar.[4] Amaram, a noted traditionalist, required his soldiers to wear a takama as part of their uniform.[11] Aladar took to wearing a shorter, modern-cut uniform jacket over his takama[12] and the style caught on with his officers.[13]


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