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Type Garment
Origin Jah Keved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

An ulatu is a traditional men's garment worn in Jah Keved on Roshar.[1]


Ulatu are knee-length skirts.[1][2] They can be made from silk, and are often worn with a simple shirt and a long robe or coat.[1] Shallan notes that her great-grandfathers would have worn mink pelts with their ulatu.[1] The ulatu has some similarities to the takama, but ulatu are typically shorter in length.[3]


Contemporary Veden fashion is closely aligned with that of Alethkar[4] and the ulatu is seen as outdated.[1] The only Veden men seen wearing it are Lin Davar and three toughs led by Mill that attempt to collect payment for Jushu's debts from Lin.[1][2]


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