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Aliases Kharat[1]
Profession Ardent
Groups Cult of Moments
Residence Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Congratulations. You have found your way to the easiest job in the world.

—Brother Lhan to Pai[2]

Brother Lhan, also known as Kharat, is an Alethi ardent on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Lhan is a round man with green eyes.[1] He is a selfish and self-centered ardent to the queen who loves the ease of the life that he has been given, even though he sees the hypocrisy of it. He does as little work as he can and eats as much as he can. He sees no problem with the amount of food that goes to waste in Kholinar Palace, or that people in the kingdom are poor and starving. Though many ardents write poetry about the queen, Lhan feels that this resembles work far too much and never does so.[2]


Some time during the True Desolation, Lhan was assigned to show Pai around the queen's palace in Kholinar. He explained to her that the queen gave her ardents easy lives because she feared that the Almighty was displeased with her. He tried to show Pai all the wonderful luxuries of the palace but did not succeed in making her happy about any of it. He was horrified the next morning when he saw her graffiti describing how the queen resembled each of the ten fools.[2]

Don't cause a storm, girl. Nobody wants that....

—Kharat to Shallan[1]

During the Siege of Kholinar, Lhan succumbed to Ashertmarn and became known as Kharat. He introduced Shallan to the revel; calling her Kishi, he kept her in the outer ring of the revel and told her she couldn't go inside. He ate sweets and plied Shallan with wine. Insisting that he was to keep watch on Shallan, Kharat sat outside her door when she found an empty room in a nearby building and told him she needed some time to herself. Pattern snuck into the hallway and repeated the whispers they had heard from Ashertmarn, enticing Kharat to go back outside to look for a drink. He came back in and settled down in the hallway again, unaware that he was now guarding an illusion of Veil and that Shallan had walked right by him wearing a new face.[1]



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