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Ten fools
Related to Vorinism, Heralds
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Kaladin felt like one of the ten fools. Actually, he felt like all of them. Ten times an idiot. But most specifically Eshu, who spoke of things he did not understand in front of those who did.

— Kaladin reflecting after prejudging Shallan[1]

The ten fools are legendary individuals of cultural significance on Roshar.


The fools represent the antitheses of the ideals of the ten Heralds.[2] The number of fools stems from the nature of Honor.[3] Each fool corresponds to a specific Herald,[4] although people on Roshar are not aware of the relationship between the two groups.[5] Unlike the Heralds, it is not known if the ten fools are based on historical individuals.

Cultural Use[edit]

The ten fools are invoked to describe someone who is acting very foolish.[6][7] Each fool is known for a specific foolish attribute that has a representative glyph known to Vorin ardents.[8] Specific fools are often referenced in order to emphasize that particular foolish trait, either using their name or their number (the fools have a specific numerical order, e.g. the "fourth fool").[9][7] The ten fools are mentioned only by residents of Vorin nations, and it is unclear if they are known in other parts of Roshar.

Pai invokes the ten fools in a bold protest against Queen Aesudan Kholin and the Alethi government, and is executed for her actions.[8]

Known Fools[edit]

He acts like a child even though he is an adult.[6]
He speaks of things he does not understand in front of those who do.[1]
He ran up a hillside to the Tranquiline Halls with sand sliding beneath his feet—running for eternity but never making progress.[10]


Rosharans from Vorin nations speak of the ten fools (or think about them) in many different situations.

I apologize for wasting your time, Brightlord. You are correct; this is akin to the ten fools.

... I've made a life out of traveling to difficult places to trade, and even my babsk said that trying to trade with the Horneaters was akin to the seventh fool.



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