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Abilities Fused, Cognitive Shadow, Surgebinder (Gravitation)
Groups Fused
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Kyril—who is running the inspections—well, he might be mad too, actually.

Cultivationspren dock registrar[1]

Kyril is a Fused who does inspections in Celebrant.[1]

He's capable of floating, implying he has the power of Gravitation. He and another Fused, who's noted to be have gone insane, visit the city every once in a while to check if Celebrant's officials keep obeying the Voidbringers properly. He has a short temper, and a tendency to start fires when he gets angry.[1]


Kyril has been visiting Celebrant for several months by the time he arrives there to track down Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, and their spren after they fled Kholinar through Shadesmar. He examines Captain Ico's ship and finds traces of human habitation there, including remains of food and a hydrator. He attempts to threaten Ico for information, but accidentally starts a fire instead.[1]

After leaving the blazing ship, he storms into the office of the dock registrar, demanding to know why he wasn't informed of humans arriving in the city. When the registrar informs him that Kyril didn't ask, the Fused orders him to put out the fire, then sacks the registrar and goes on ahead to search the city for the humans. After the group boards Honor's Path, Kyril returns to the port, but doesn't notice his prey, thinking they're still in the docks. Eventually, he flies away in a different direction.[1]


Kyril is one of the few characters in The Stormlight Archive to have a name that exists in the real world.


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