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Honor's Path

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Honor's Path
Type Honorspren ship
Captain Notum
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Honor's Path is a Honorspren ship which traverses Shadesmar.[1]


The ship is a long, stately vessel made of white wood with golden trim. It had mandras rigged not only at the front, but also to winglike rails jutting from the sides. It has five decks—including three below for crew and storage. The main deck was similar to the top deck of human ships, but this craft also had a high deck running down its center from prow to stern. Narrower than the main deck, it was supported by broad white pillars.[2][1]


Crewed by both Honorspren and a second unknown kind of Spren that appears as a cloud of mist or fog.[2]

Last destination[edit]

Honor's path was last bound for Lasting Integrity


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