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Captain Ico.png
Parents father
Abilities Splinter
Profession Ship's captain
Species Lightspren
Residence Shadesmar
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Oathbringer

I did not mean an insult, regardless. You are not to be blamed. Betraying oaths is simply your nature, as a human.


Ico is a lightspren in Shadesmar, the subastral of Roshar. He captains a merchant ship crewed by fellow Reachers.[2]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Ico has metallic bronze skin and looks human. He is shorter than an Alethi and sturdily built. He wears tan-colored human clothing that has many buttoned pockets.[2] He has Shin-like eyes that seem to be made of bronze with holes for pupils.[3][2]

Ico is a spren of very few words; he is very brusque and speaks his mind. He is kind enough to give the group of humans and spren fleeing Kholinar passage to Celebrant and is helpful in explaining some things to them, such as currency and how Stormlight works in Shadesmar,[2] deadeye spren, and how to find new passage in Celebrant.[1] He gets exasperated at times, but he is understanding and practical. He believes humans cannot be trusted with oaths and says as much, but grows embarrassed when he realizes that this was rude.[1]

Piloting his ship


Ico was born before the Recreance.[1] At some point he became captain of a ship, and around 1174, Ico and his crew picked up Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Sylphrena, Pattern, Vivenna, and Mayalaran from Riino's lighthouse and gave them passage to Celebrant.[3][2] Captain Ico used their Stormlight to power a hydrator, which used a bead of ice to produce water for the humans to drink.[2][4] He and his crew also sold the humans clothing to wear. He refused to take them either to Thaylen City or to Cultivation's Perpendicularity; Celebrant was as far west as he was willing to go because of the stories of ships vanishing and of other trouble to the east. Ico advised the group that they should stay in Shadesmar, claiming that the Physical Realm was not a pleasant place at the moment.[1]

During the scheduled inspection of his ship in Celebrant, Captain Ico was questioned by one of the Fused. The Fused, Kyril, accidentally set Ico's ship on fire when he was trying to scare him into giving information on the humans. He picked Ico up and dropped him onto the docks while the rest of the crew fled the burning ship.[4]


Ico has a father who is a deadeye. He keeps him locked in a room in the cargo hold of his ship to keep him from wandering the decks and falling overboard in search of the human carrying his corpse.[1]

Ico also has a daughter who used to work at a currency exchange in Celebrant. He says that she "ran off chasing stupid dreams."[1] It is possible that this could be Timbre.


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